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Who is Koala?

We, Dr. Ed Kieke and Dr. Mary Doyle, owners of Koala Health & Wellness, graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1988 and 1989, respectively. We opened our first Chiropractic Sports Medicine office in Nassau Bay in 1989. Within a few years, we expanded and opened clinics in Webster and Houston.

At Koala, we integrate Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, therapeutic massage and rehabilitation to achieve the most effective results for all types of conditions and injuries. Our concerns lie not only in the treatment of our patients but also in helping them achieve a better “koality” of life.

Whether you are an athlete suffering from an injury, someone who wants preventative care, or someone who just desires a healthier lifestyle, Koala is equipped to handle all of your needs.

Our philosophy is simple: we determine the root of our patients’ problems, treat and correct the causes, and then strengthen the involved muscles.

Appropriate diagnosis and care, education about living a healthy lifestyle, and motivation are the keys to our success!

Mission Statment

To enhance the well being of our patients by bringing positive changes to their lives, with active healthcare through the hands of caring and well-trained individuals.

Team Koala

Team Koala is a group of committed, experienced professionals comprised of Doctors of Chiropractic, a PhD in Biomechanics, a Physical Therapist, and great team members who are educated in biomechanics, kinesiology, massage therapy, and personal training. Koala partners with industry leading facilities, surgeons and other specialists to provide advanced diagnostic imaging and additional services to patients to ensure a positive outcome for every patient.

Our team includes:
Mary Doyle, DC
Ed Kieke, DC
Joel Bloom, PhD
Arthur Mazuca, PT
Amber DePasquale, DC


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Physical Therapy

Pain-free movement is essential to your well-being and quality of life.  Physical therapists are experts in assessing physical derangements or dysfunctions, and improving mobility.

Many doctors refer patients to a physical therapist following surgery or major trauma, but according to the American Physical Therapy Association increasing research suggests that treatment by a physical therapist is often an equally effective and cheaper alternative to prescription drugs and surgery for numerous conditions. However,  did you know you can arrange a screening by Koala’s Physical Therapist without a physician’s referral ?

At Koala,  our Physical Therapist offers deep tissue massage, ultrasound, stretches, and other modalities to help relieve your pain, followed by a home exercise program designed specifically for you.  Incorporating the treatment plan designed for you into your daily routine is essential to achieving optimum health and movement abilities.

Arthur Mazuca, Koala’s P.T., has 10+ years of experience working with orthopedic and Chiropractic doctors in treating all types of injuries and conditions, utilizing the most up-to-date protocols available.


At Koala, we encompass all aspects of wholistic Chiropractic care. We find the root of our patients’ problems and determine, through orthopedic exams and/or computerized muscle testing, if they have any weaknesses or deficiencies that may be contributing to or causing their injury or condition.

Having diagnosed the problem, we then administer appropriate therapies to alleviate pain and muscle spasm, adjust their spinal and/or extremity joints to increase function, reduce stiffness, improve mobilization, and enhance performance. Rehab protocols are then prescribed to get them well and stronger than ever! And, we motivate them to excel in their daily lives and pursue their goals – whether it’s being able to walk around the block without pain, or to run a marathon without injuries!

Sports Injuries

Throughout our 27 years of having run 5 Chiropractic sports medicine clinics, we have successfully treated all types of sports injuries. In addition to the week-end warrior injuries, we have had the opportunity to treat high school athletes, college athletes, professional athletes, and Olympic athletes. We refer our patients for advanced imaging and, if necessary, on to Houston’s best orthopedics and neurosurgeons to provide the most encompassing healthcare possible. If surgery is required, we administer pre and post surgical rehab to ensure optimal results.

Koala offers the following services for our patients:
-Customized strengthening/conditioning programs
-Video analyses for runners and cyclists
-Sports specific testing/strengthening
-Gait training
-Mechanics / Speed/ Agility Training
-Injury rehab and prevention programs

Go where the professional and elite athletes go for rehab and specialized “koality” care!

Testing & Rehabilitation

Our Rehab Department is  managed by Dr. Joel Bloom, PhD, with over 50 years’ experience working with all levels of patients and athletes –  patients who just want to feel better and have a better “koality” of life, to teenage athletes, to Olympic athletes.

Koala has had exceptional success in helping athletes, non-athletes, and pre /post surgical patients reach their goals and stay healthy.  We treat each of our patients as we treat professional athletes – we give them the best possible care and we motivate them to excel in their daily lives!

We have four functional computerized tests that are important to our patients’ recovery and success. Koala is proud to have 3 of the renowned BIODEX muscle strength testing /rehab units to detect and correct any lumbar or extremity muscle imbalances or deficiencies that may have caused or contributed to our patient’s injury.

Our BTE Multi-Cervical Unit tests and rehabs strength and range of motion of cervical spines.  Koala has had exceptional success with the MCU unit in treating patients who have been in auto accidents or who have had chronic neck pain with no relief.

After testing on either the Biodex or the MCU, patients are given a customized strengthening program based on their test results.  Retesting after a prescribed number of rehab sessions assures our patients that they are, indeed, improving and on the road to a successful recovery.

Koala’s 2 other unique tests are done with the SIMI program.  This program enables Koala doctors to assess patients’ running gaits or cycling forms by filming them with two cameras while running or cycling.  Patients love seeing themselves in action!  The benefits to our patients from these two tests have been phenomenal.


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Downtown Houston
Ed Kieke, D.C.

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Amber DePasquale, D.C.
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Parking available in the garage attached to the building.

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Have a question for the doctor? Email us: askthedoc@koalacenters.com

For general information please contact us at:

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Other helpful information:

Information on current job openings: jobs@koalacenters.com
Billing and insurance questions: billing@koalacenters.com
Information regarding marketing events and seminar requests: events@koalacenters.com

HIPAA Forms (new patients only):

NOTE TO ALL NEW PATIENTS: These are mandated HIPAA forms that you are required to sign and bring to our office, along with the New Patient paperwork below.
Form 8 – This HIPAA form is for your records only. You do not need to bring this form with you.
Form 15 – This HIPAA form must be brought to the office, along with your New Patient Paperwork below.
Form 17 – This HIPAA form must be brought to the office, along with your New Patient Paperwork below.

Patient Forms:

Patient Intake Form
Patient Daily Form
Assignment of Proceeds
Instructions for Saturday Building Entry

All forms are Adobe Acrobat forms. For any questions concerning the forms, please contact the location where you will be receiving your treatment or service.

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